USB Headset

Ear Force Audio Hub
Ear Force Audio Hub is a preset manager and firmware updater for the Elite 800, Stealth 500X, XP510...
...and then connect your headset via USB to update it.
GENESIS HX66 Headset Driver
This is the Windows driver for HX66 gaming headset from Genesis. This headset requires a driver because it is USB based...
...headset from Genesis. This headset requires a driver because it is USB...
PerSonoCall has now been translated into even more languages, adding Chinese (traditional...
...for the Voyager 510-USB and the .Audio 910 ...to operate with the Headset in when PerSonoCall launches...
PerSono Suite
PerSono Suite provides the ability to upgrade PerSono Suite...
...for PerSono Suite software, headset system firmware, and USB firmware.
Corsair Raptor HS40
Corsair Raptor HS40 allows you to change the settings of Corsair Raptor HS40 7.1 USB Gaming Headset. It also...
...Raptor HS40 7.1 USB Gaming Headset. It also ...for HS40. This headset features 7.1 surround sound...
This application provides an Audio Control Centre for the Plantronic range of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)...
...Digital Signal Processing (DSP) headsets. With this centre ...drivers for their headset in this case.
Wyse TCX Rich Sound Server
Wyse TCX Rich Sound provides bi-directional audio capabilities for virtual desktops and applications. Users can...
...Users can now use a USB headset directly attached to the...

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